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As our focus is on open source tools, our research has identified Katalon, a powerful ready to use test automation framework that supports  API, Web and Mobile testing. It brings more intelligence to the entire test automation process, testers can test better, test faster, and launch high-quality software through this user-friendly & versatile solution.

Katalon’s key features:

1. Codeless Automation:

It achieves a great extent of codeless automation. It can be used by a  fresh Test Engineer with no coding experience to create the  automation suite using record & playback option. Katalon Studio makes it possible to automate most of the common functionalities of web and mobile apps without the coding experience.It also enables advanced users with extensive coding experience to  design and implement complex test scenarios and integration.

2. Automation Test solutions and Technology matrix:

Katalon supports the gamut of solutions and technologies as mentioned below:


3. Effective Framework:

Katalon fulfills all the characteristics of an effective framework as mentioned below:

  1. Handling of scripts and Data separately
  2. Libraries – Common Functions and utility Functions
  3. Coding standards
  4. Extensibility and Less maintenance
  5. Structured object repository
  6. Support continues integration
  7. Configurability
  8. Structured
  9. Script/Framework version control
  10. Better Reporting – Extendable Reports, Email Reports and screenshots.
  11. Easy issue Tracking and Effective Logging 
  12. Cross browser Testing
  13. Debugging features
  14. Re-usability
  15. Scalable
  16. Parallel Execution
  17. Smooth Binding


4. Environments :

Katalon studio supports Testing of applications across different browsers & platforms,


5. Integrations :

Katalon supports the integration with leading Testing, Project management & CI/CD Tools



6. Framework is free of cost :

Last but not least, the Ready to Use Framework with all the features comes free of cost. We have a Commitment from it’s CEO,

Vu Lam quoted, “We are committed to having a free version of Katalon Studio available to the community at all time as an appreciation for all the free software that we get to use. So be confident that you can use Katalon Studio now and into the foreseeable future for free”


We have delighted our Customers using Katalon. Please reach out to us to do it for you  at

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