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Training is an essential component for an organization’s pursuit of quality. Motivated by this adage, we focus on facilitating the global competitiveness in Software Testing through a suite of on-site, public and customized training programs in Software Testing.

Our Learning Solutions help organizations in building capability in an agile, cost effective manner for achieving timely transformation of the workforce with demonstrated business results. Training academy provides the below mentioned services to the internal and external customers.

Service Offerings
Talent Transformation

involves conducting assessments, designing and delivering learning solutions to ensure that the employed workforce can become productive. Based on well proven framework and methodologies, we focus on building role specific skills for the clients, leading to effective development, technically and economically.

Talent Recognition

involves conducting an independent evaluation for individuals, and certifying them on professional qualifications. This element of independent professional certification creates and association of the individual with the profession and creates recognition of the ability internally and across the profession.

Talent Engagement & Invest on Innovation

focuses on creating a common platform for exchanging ideas, sharing learning and engaging the individual to learn from the Best of the Best in the Industry. An Annual Conference, online community, Local Chapters, State of Practice Surveys, and Research are done with a motive of engagement of individual for continued professional development.

Focus Areas

The major focus areas of our Training Academy are as given below:

  • IT Fundamentals
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Software Testing
  • Software Test Initiation and Planning.
  • Software Test Design.
  • Software Test Execution & Reporting.
  • Software Test Management.
  • Software Test Automation.
  • Agile Testing.
  • Exploratory Testing.
Engagement Model

Open HouseThe training is conducted covering the latest that is happening in software testing area and we are always enhancing it. The courses are developed and delivered by top industry consultants covering latest practices, technology, trends and issues. We enhance your experience with expert courseware, hand outs and exercises to offer you a valued experience and learning.
Organizations with need to train smaller number of members can benefit from this model. In addition, the model provides a great opportunity for the team members to interact with their peers in the industry, and also learn the best practices, for an optimal investment
In-house Organizations with need to train large teams can opt for this model, and thus save on their travel costs, and training investments. This model is ideally suited for workforce sizes of 20 members or more, and can be organized as your own company premises.

Key Enablers

Learning Methodology Our learning philosophy is founded on the principles of

  • Cooperative Inquiry
  • Developmental Action Inquiry
  • Action Research
  • And focuses on four different types of knowledge
  • Propositional Knowing
  • Practical Knowing
  • Experimental Knowing
  • Presentational Knowing

The learning cycle at Training Academy is a way of simultaneously conducting action and inquiry as a disciplined leadership practice that increases the wider effectiveness of our actions. Such action we believe helps individuals, teams, organizations become more capable of self- transformation and thus more creative, more aware, more just and more sustainable
The design of each course starts with the definition of user-focuses, role based performance objectives for an individual. We then initiate the learning with a role based assessment and proceed to the selection of instructional strategies, preparation of a training plan and implementing training activities appropriate for those objectives. Upon completion of learning, we then collect feedback to check if the objective was achieved as desired
Knowledge Management One of the key strength is our Knowledge Management. We maintain all the related events, feedback, and training documents in a Knowledge repository. We review those documents in a periodic manner and update the documents based on our learning.
All the training documents would be living documents and would be updated with the advent of new technology advancements, our research and the learning for our experiences in Software Testing and Training.

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