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In the global competition for talent, companies may view the endgame as a matter of adding the right individuals. But the key to winning on talent is multiplication, not addition. This helps to generate superior levels of effort, imagination, innovation and creativity. And they need to do that by building and combining their capabilities in four areas—defining, discovering, developing and deploying talent. When these capabilities come together and are aligned with critical business needs, organizations are in a position to multiply their talent and thus to create sustainable long-term competitive advantage. Companies that build this critical capability will generate superior effort, creativity and results from their workforces. Novature Tech helps companies in leveraging their most important competitive asset – People.

Talent Acquisition

involves sourcing, screening, training, and eventually on-boarding qualified individuals with the required capabilities who will integrate smoothly and productively into our Customer. Our focus is to support our Customer’s recruitment and induction process and dramatically reduce the overall costs.

Operating Model

Novature Tech strongly believes in Continuous process improvements to achieve consistent performance. Our Workforce solutions are organized such a way to enable consistent performance. Each resources are grouped under 4 categories namely Single Point of Contacts, Technical team, Recruiters and Recruitment leads. Single Point of Contact is assigned to each one of our Clients who engage with Clients Recruitment Point of Contact to gather the requirements , share suitable profiles and co-ordinate with them till closures. The teams that support Single Point of Contact are Technical Team, Recruiters and Recruitment Lead. The responsibilities of each of the team is demonstrated in the below shown process chart. The sequence of activities that are performed are shown in numbers

Service Offerings

Workforce Solutions provide customized cost effective recruitment solutions. The key Service offerings of Workforce Solutions are


Domestic staffing caters to the staffing requirements to the customers across different cities in India. The different engagement models for staffing are Direct Hire, On Contract and Contract to Hire. Workforce Solutions applies proven process and methodologies to cater to ever changing business demands. Our solutions are aimed at enabling Clients meet their demand for talent by ensuring right fit for the requirement.We collaborate with our Clients to derive customized models and partner with them to provide innovative recruitment solutions.


We aim to provide International staffing solutions in near future. Our initial focus is to provide Direct hire for the International staffing requirements.


Novature Tech strives to implement innovative solutions for our Customers. Some of the such initiatives are:

Specialized Recruitment Drive – With the increasing dynamism in business, it is difficult to get a projection of the required talent in a structured manner. Despite of the best of the prediction models, many organizations face an ongoing challenge of identifying the required talent with specified skills set in the desired numbers to ensure that a new project is kicked-off or existing projects are progressing well.
To support the volume recruitment, we help our clients to organize the Recruitment drive in our campus or in our client’s campus.

Deployable Entry Level Testers (DELT) is an initiative that focuses on providing entry level acquisition solutions to corporate. DELT vision is to provide Deployable entry level Software Testing talent to the IT Service Providers.
DELT supports the participating organizations in sourcing, screening, training and deployment, all of which will be customized to each corporate based on Business Context.
With the vast reach and ability to cater to entire annual demand entry level tester hire, DELT offers great ROI, just in time supply of Software Testers on talent, on direct hire mode or contract mode.

Focus Areas – Effectively The major focus for the DELT initiative is currently to solve the problem of employability for graduating students in the field of Software Testing


Off Campus Model – Designed for acquiring talent from the open market, this model focuses on sourcing, screening, developing and on-boarding entry level testing talent. Using a mix of events, job fairs, promotions and online methods. We can support our client partners in acquiring the right talent just in time
On Campus Model With a wide range of Academic Institutional partners across India, we support our Client in sourcing talent from relevant institutions, and building testing talent right from the campus


In the new times there are new challenges of globalization before the organizations, and the new issues in the talent management to deal with are:

  • More effort is required to find and cultivate relationships with potential candidates, leaving less time for transactional and routine activity
  • Employee aspirations are high as there is intensifying competition among the companies to attract and retain the best talent
  • Shortage of quality resources in software Testing industry. Availability of quality resources not only aid the industry in catering the global demand for Testing Services but also will help the industry attain a leadership position in Software Testing

To address the challenges, DELT has evolved an innovative recruitment approach by partnering with IT Services wherein we work closely with Business Managers and HR to understand the need and tailor the workforce recruitment and planning process. We bring in a team of sourcing experts that have dedicated recruiters to focus on screening, interviewing, selection and building the pipeline of candidates specific to your organization’s needs. Once the candidate’s selection is made by you, DELT also completes training program that are customized by you and we also support in on-boarding the candidate.
We work together with you to identify and hire talent in a proactive, targeted and efficient manner. This collaboration enables the provision of ready deployable talent for the organizations.

Engagement Model

Novature Tech aims at providing continuous value proposition to its Customers. It starts it’s relationship at a transaction level to cater to the needs and aims at eventually grow to contribute in all ways to transform the Customers business to excellence. Novature Tech leverages all it’s departments to achieve higher efficiency, best quality, faster turnaround time and thereby increase the profit and revenue.

Direct Hire – For organizations interested in acquired specialized talents in Software Testing across levels, Novature Tech provides the required support for identifying, and screening them for the required fitment. The model of direct hire helps Clients in reducing their time in finding the right member, and is quite effective for senior level opportunities with experience levels of 7+ years.
Contract Staffing – For organizations focused on Independent Testing Services, with short term talent requirements and an intent to outsource their resourcing function, this is an ideal model. Novature Tech would own the activity end to end and ensure the supply of the right talent for the project requirement as your resourcing partner. The model is ideal if you are looking at low overheads, and insures from the risk of employee attrition.

Key Enablers

Novature Tech implements the combination of proven methodologies and innovative approaches in the entire Recruitment lifecycle to deliver more efficient and cost effective recruitment solutions.
Recruitment Methodology – Novature Tech has designed a recruitment methodology that implements blend of proven and innovative methodologies, tools, templates and techniques across each phase of the Recruitment lifecycle.


The Workforce Solutions Unit leverages Training Academy unit to train the resources before placing the resources at the Client location. If required Training Academy can be used for conducting an induction program in collaboration with our Client’s team. The training program will be customized in collaboration with our Client.

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